DecoRusExpo Exhibitors profiles

Below is the alphabetical list of exhibitors at the DecoRusExpo 2019 show.

Filippo Uecher


It has been many years that I started working in the textile industry. These have been exciting intense years, full of hard work, amazing experiences and gratifications. I have met many people all around the world, and for this reason I am grateful to my father, who gave me the opportunity to learn this profession and to start my journey when I was 23.

So many memories, of our industry, through crisis, globalization, delocalization, new challenges and perspectives. However, even facing this complicated scenario, I have always been faithful to my territory, willing to honour my weaver background. I have designed many fabrics and fantasies; I have created yarns which give to fabrics a natural and elegant texture, working for the most popular Brands worldwide.

I have always been keeping in the shade, but, at this point of my career, I have decided to face new challenges and to create a new collection of textiles for interiors, under my own named label.

A way to say “I put my face on it”.

My wife Elena, who follows me since many years, administrating our business with professionalism, will always be by my side. Once more she encouraged me not to wait any longer.

So, as I have always been doing in my life, I have committed to this new adventure with all my efforts and my soul.

Filippo Uecher Collection

The collection stands out for the choice of natural fibres, the high quality of the yarns and its elegant style adapt for the furnishing of the most elegant interiors.

The skillful weaving, made by the renowned craftsmanship of Biella, enhances the beauty and simplicity of pure linen and pure wool.

The design is unmistakably Italian; the choice of colours gives harmony to the weaving and evokes an irresistible softness to the touch.

When choosing the names for “Filippo Uecher Collection” lines we decided to give a due and sincere tribute to the art of Masters Giotto, Bernini, Brunelleschi, Arcimboldo, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Modigliani: their masterpieces are a source of endless inspiration as well as sublime examples of Italian sensitiveness of art.