DecoRusExpo Exhibitors profiles

Below is the alphabetical list of exhibitors at the DecoRusExpo 2019 show.

Johnstons of Elgin


Since 1797, the Johnstons of Elgin signature innovation and quality have been without compare. The Johnston family name has always been synonymous with craft, patience, elegance and luxury. A byword for innovation and benchmark-setting, over the past 221 years Johnstons of Elgin has defined and redefined the industry, again and again.
As one of the last remaining vertical mills in the UK, Johnstons of Elgin has the ability to take natural fibres from their raw state, through every stage of the production process, to perfectly finished fabrics, throws and fashion products.

2019 sees the introduction of two new fabrics collections: Tivoli Melange Sateens and Seren Flannel Checks.

Our Tivoli Melange Sateens collection – Defined sateen weave structure demonstrates remarkable sheen with is enhanced by the naturally effortless drape. As many as eight colour components can be discovered in each intimately blended melange yarn elevating an extensive palette of rich colours. Warm through to cool neutrals grading into richer tones and brighter pop colours are inspired by the captivating colours of nature.

Our Seren Flannel Checks collection – A worsted yarn traditionally used in cool handled woven products assumes a finish more commonly associated with a woollen yarn. Seren combines a refined, modern appearance with a velvety soft finish. Seren’s artistry comes from the warm flannel finish that boasts not only a superior handle but allows for optimum performance in domestic and contract interiors.

The 2019 collections build on the success of our existing fabric collections Luna Sateen, Astral Check and Herringbone, Fine Cashmere, Caledonia Collection, Caledonia Plains, Highland, Northern Lights and Harmony.

A stunning collection of fabrics and throws reveal the quality and craftsmanship rooted in the company’s history, blending traditions and skills passed down through generations with cutting edge technology and design.