DecoRusExpo Exhibitors profiles

Below is the alphabetical list of exhibitors at the DecoRusExpo 2019 show.

Maria Flora


Mariaflora design by Filippo Uecher

Mariaflora fabrics are made in Biella, Italy. A range of rich products which take their name from two extraordinary women who provided insight, courage and inspiration for the creation of this collection. Simple and refined, they can be used for indoors and

outdoors. Ideal for hotels and houses in busy cities or in quiet villages. For swimming pools, gardens, boats or to decorate your bedroom where the sun’s rays, children’s hands or the family dog make it necessary to use something resistant and durable but beautiful at the same time.

They are charming fabrics which transmit the passion and history of Italian craftsmanship, incredibly soft to the touch and woven to resist the rigor of outdoor use and modern life.


Inspired by the wonderful nuances that gives us one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea, the Eolie collection reflects the bright pastel shades of the famous archipelago. Sea, sand and sun in a variety of colors and fabrics riches of vitality, soft and relaxing, that will make it even more pleasant the moments spend with yourself.


The strength, the size and beauty of the Colorado River are just a few of the features that gave life to the collection. The river flows through the United States and Mexico by drawing numerous bends of the Grand Canyon, offering an outstanding variety of colors which change during the course of the seasons.

Sartoria di Biella

“Sartorial from Biella” comes from a great aspiration: that of going back to our roots, to the textile tradition of our land, the Biella area.This strong desire has made our company transfer to home furnishings what has always characterized men’s clothing.Elegant, classic fabrics like cross twills, glen plaids and tartans with innovative finishes and bolder colors giving a modern “look” to a prestigious unique culture.

Sartoria di Biella 2.0

Practical but sophisticated, on a herringbone ground are the new stripes of Sartoria di Biella 2.0 the new collection of outdoor fabrics by Mariaflora in acqua and taupe, white and linen, blue, red and forrest green.


Minerva was the roman Goddess of wisdom and patron of Artisans. These traits lead to a strong footprint of Italian traditions, as reflected in the names of the tissues that are the ones of Italian Emperors’’ wives. Black and white, strong and clear colors like the mosaics of ancient Greek-Roman houses which between divinity and austerity were unmistakably elegant.


Our first catalogue of accessories in acrylic solution dyed. The carpets, cushions, plaids and cubes are all carefully finished in every detail, pleasant to touch and perfect for furnishing homes, spas and yacht.


In-Outdoor fabrics are woven with 100/100 Solution Died Acrylic which repels water, is stain and mould resistant, and has a 6 year color fade guarantee. Performance fabrics for everyday use.